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Brewery Email Marketing: ROI, Lead Magnets, and Segmentation

Email marketing for your brewery doesn't have to be a cheesy sales game. In fact it shouldn't be. Elevate your marketing strategy beyond social media by including email and reach your most dedicated customers.

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Let's dig into everything brewery email marketing, including ROI, how to get customers, and how to keep them.

Brewery Email Marketing ROI

Here's the real deal: email marketing boasts a staggering 38:1 return on investment. This isn't some digital myth; it's a proven strategy.

And customers spend 138% more when marketed through email compared to customers who don’t get email offers.

Quick case study, we recently sent out an email blast for a client inviting folks to a new membership program. We sent it out on a Thursday. By the end of the weekend they had around 20 or 30 signups for the membership, totaling around $5000. 

Brewery email marketing isn't just about newsletters; it's about creating special experiences for your most interested customers.


Growing your list: Lead Magnets

Now, let's talk about giving people a reason to share their info. Enter lead magnets, those irresistible offers that entice someone to hand over their contact information. For a brewery, this could be as simple as offering a "free beer for signing up." It's a win-win – they get a taste, and you grow your email list.

Why are Lead Magnets Important?

Incentivizing people to share their contact information is all about balance. Lead magnets provide that extra nudge, a reason for your audience to say, "Sure, I'd love to hear more from this brewery." It's not just about building an email list; it's about cultivating a community of enthusiasts eager to explore what your brewery has to offer.

Examples of Brewery Lead Magnets:

Free Beer On Your Next Visit

Offer a complimentary pint to anyone who signs up for your newsletter. It's an immediate reward that leaves a lasting impression.

VIP Tour Access

First Dibs on Releases

Brewery Merchandise Discounts


Segmenting your list for best results

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Segmentation is about understanding that not every email subscriber is the same. Create customer segments in your email service provider based on how and when they signed up.

Those who signed up for event notifications might crave the latest happenings in your brewery, while deal seekers want to be first in line for discounts.

Segmentation ensures that the right content lands in the right inboxes, creating a personalized journey for every subscriber. Imagine the impact of sending an exclusive discount to your deal lovers or a sneak peek of an upcoming event to your event enthusiasts. It's like curating a tasting experience tailored to individual preferences.


Want more info?

I recently gave a talk on brewery email marketing as part of Craft Beer Professional's Virtual Conference where I dove even deeper into how to get started on your own email marketing strategy. Watch below!


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