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The Beer Spa Denver

Promotional Campaign



+ Logistics

+ Storyboarding

+ Talent Sourcing


+ Produced/Directed

+ Videography

+ Photography


+ Color Grading

+ Motion Graphics

+ Music Mix

+ Final Assembly


The Beer Spa is a brand new, one-of-a-kind day spa located in the Five Points Neighborhood of Denver. Owners Damien and Jessica have taken the idea of using beer for wellness to a whole new level. With an increased emphasis on technology, and the addition of a craft beer taproom, The Beer Spa by Snug is a modern, urban oasis where guests can enjoy beer-inspired spa services while sipping on their favorite craft beverage.

The Problem

The Beer Spa is unlike anything else that can be found in America. And even outside of America, the specific design, concept, and technology used set it apart from all other day spas.

Damien and Jessica had a very specific vision for their brand and needed marketing materials that conveyed these messages: 

  • Energetic/Fun AND Relaxing

  • Welcoming/Inclusive

  • Natural Wellness

The Solution

The Full Pour Media team worked directly with The Beer Spa, serving as their external marketing agency, to realize their creative vision and execute on their marketing needs.


We developed a production and post-production strategy to successfully capture, edit, and deliver engaging video and photo content that truly conveys the look and feel of The Beer Spa for potential customers.

Full Pour Media is a true expert in video marketing. They listened carefully to our desires and understood our vision from day 1 of the project. We couldn’t be happier. They will lead your projects into the best investment you can ever make within your marketing strategy. 

Damien Z.

Comprehensive, Connected Content

The Beer Spa needed a "ready to launch" package of content so they could hit the ground running when they opened, which meant creating both photo and video assets. In order to ensure uniformity between the two media, Full Pour had both video crews and photography crews on site during production. 

The result is a cohesive set of creative with a highly recognizable style that can be used across their website, social, and anywhere else.

Got a project idea?

The Result

On February 12, 2021, Damien And Jessica officially cut the ribbon and opened their doors to the public, armed with a full library of video and photo marketing content.

Within days they were fully booked up for three months and continue to be a well-known destination in Denver for craft beer and wellness.


Madison, WI | Denver, CO | St. Louis, MO

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