• Bryant Vander Weerd

How Breweries Use Video During the Shutdowns

Okay, so you brew great beer. You distill great spirits. That's awesome. But...

Your beers and spirits are only HALF the reason customers come to your taproom. Atmosphere is a huge part of the experience, and during quarantine the atmosphere in your business is lonely at best.

Social video has become critical for businesses to stay connected to their fans when they otherwise can’t. I took a look at breweries and distilleries who have used the power of video to their advantage.

Community Forums

From left to right, Thomas Gounley of, Charlie Berger of Denver Beer Co, Michelle Reding of Dry Dock Brewing, Matthew Osterman of contract brewer Sleeping Giant, and Eric Foster of Stem Ciders.

Denver business news website hosted an Assembly roundtable featuring brewers from around Denver. The tone of this particular conference was more serious but it provided valuable insight into the current state of craft brewing in the city and allowed each brand to share their struggles and future outlooks.

Industry Forums

Colorado Brewers Guild recently celebrated their 25th birthday.

They launched a hashtag campaign to engage people...


...and hosted a day-long event with live streamed classes, discussions from industry experts, and even a musical guest.

Virtual Tours

Breckenridge Distillery hosted virtual tours of their facility every Wednesday in April over Zoom.

Tours are an easy way to give your followers a feeling of being an "insider" and foster more brand loyalty with fans.

Many craft beer and craft spirit fans love to get into the "geekery" behind a particular distillery or brewery and a free virtual tour is a great way to play into this and generate more public interest.

Plus, who doesn't love a free tour?!

Virtual Classes

Bear Creek Distillery has posted weekly mixology videos featuring different cocktail recipes.

Teaching followers how to make cocktails using brand-specific products is a great way to stay top of mind with customers, catch people's attention, AND drive sales as viewers purchase your products to follow the recipes.

Meet The Bigwigs

Holidaily Brewing has hosted multiple live streamed Q&A sessions with founder Karen Hertz.

Holidaily took advantage of multiple social platforms, switching between Facebook and Instagram for their streaming sessions to attract different audiences and promote both social channels.

These Q&A sessions foster a sense of connection between brand and consumers as viewers get to meet the "higher ups" they normally wouldn't hear from. It also puts the founders and owners on a more relatable level with consumers, which in turn fosters more connection and brand loyalty.

Taprooms create community.

Quarantines create distance.

Yes, your regulars love your beers and spirits.

But they're missing a huge component of what attracted them to your business in the first place, and what keeps them coming back.

The people. The atmosphere.

You have a social media following. Use it!

Video engages your audience.

Video builds your community.

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