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Nestle Health Science, a leader in nutritional solutions, approached Full Pour Media to create a video campaign to promote their Compleat tube feeding formula. The challenge was to create content that resonated with the target audience and showcased the benefits of Nestle Compleat Blends tube feeding formula.


Nestle partnered with paratriathlete Alyssa Seely, who relies on tube feeding for her nutrition and endorses Nestle Compleat Blends as her preferred tube feed formula.

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Strategy + PURPOSE

Our task was to produce a captivating video campaign that not only introduced Nestle Compleat Blends but also delved into Alyssa Seely's journey, how she discovered the product, and the positive impact it had on her life and athletic performance.


Our objective was to create a relatable and emotional narrative that would inspire potential customers to consider Compleat Blends for their tube feeding needs.

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+ Logistics

+ Storyboarding

+ Talent Sourcing

+ Produced & Directed

+ Videography

+ Photography

+ Color Grading

+ Motion Graphics

+ Music Mix

+ Final Assembly


Thorough Research: In order to tailor our message effectively, we began by researching Nestle Compleat Blends and the unique nutritional needs of tube feeding users.

Interview with Alyssa Seely: We conducted an in-depth interview with Alyssa, getting to know her backstory, her struggles, and how she discovered Compleat Blends. We captured her enthusiasm for the product and her transformation from using it.

Storytelling Expertise: Leveraging our decades of storytelling skills, we crafted a compelling narrative that highlighted Alyssa's emotional journey. We integrated her experiences with Compleat Blends into the storyline, showcasing its role in her daily life and her nutritional needs as a Paralympic athlete.

Cinematic Production: Our team utilized state-of-the-art equipment to capture stunning visuals and immersive storytelling elements. We combined interview footage with relevant B-roll, such as Alyssa's training sessions, moments of triumph, and scenes of her using Compleat Blends.

Testimonials and Product Showcase: We included testimonials from healthcare professionals and demonstrated the product's features and benefits to build trust and credibility.

Emotional Appeal: The video emphasized the emotional impact of Alyssa's journey, conveying hope, resilience, and the transformative power of Compleat Blends.


The video campaign was a tremendous success and was part of a nationwide campaign on social media internal stakeholeer sales presentations. Other highlights included:

Public Awareness: The video garnered significant attention on social media platforms, raising awareness about Nestle Compleat Blends among tube feeding communities and healthcare professionals.

Sales: Nestle reported a noticeable increase in Compleat Blends sales following the campaign's launch.

Engagement: The video received substantial engagement in the form of likes, shares, and comments, with viewers expressing their emotional connection to Alyssa's story.

Positive Brand Association: Nestle Health Science was positively associated with empathy, support, and nutritional excellence, as conveyed through Alyssa's endorsement.

Brand Credibility: Alyssa Seely's heartfelt endorsement added credibility to Nestle Compleat Blends, solidifying its reputation in the tube feeding market.

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