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2020, in all its spectacular ugliness, brought with it a slew of shutdowns and economic slowdowns across the country that are now a part of history.


Taprooms across Missouri closed much like they did across the country, and when they reopened it was at a much more limited capacity to reduce the spread. This obviously created cashflow issues for breweries who were already operating with super slim margins.


To-Go sales could only carry breweries so far. The breweries needed additional incentives to bring customers back, and the Brewers Guild needed additional cashflow to stay afloat and fund future activities.

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In the summer of 2020, the MCBG approached Full Pour Media to design and launch a statewide membership program tailored to Missouri craft beer enthusiasts. The task was to create a compelling brand identity for this program and to generate all the necessary digital and print assets to bring "The MOBeer Club" to life.


Full Pour Media conducted thorough research into existing statewide beer guild programs across the United States like IMBIBE in Illinois, Iowa Brew Army in Iowa, and the Brew Crew in Montana.


This research provided valuable insights into successful membership programs and informed the development of Missouri’s own membership program.


Web Strategy

Web Design


To support the launch of "The MOBeer Club," aka “The MOB”, Full Pour Media generated a comprehensive set of digital and print assets including:

Membership Card: Designed a visually appealing membership card that would serve as an exclusive perk for club members, further encouraging sign-ups and engagement.

Social Media Graphics: Crafted eye-catching graphics for social media platforms to raise awareness about the club, attract new members, and build excitement within the Missouri craft beer community.

Website Banners: Developed website banners to enhance the online presence of the program and promote sign-ups, ensuring that the digital platform was informative and user-friendly.


In Fall of 2020, alongside the MCBG, we rolled out the full MOB membership program across the state. The program now provides beer enthusiasts with exclusive benefits and access to unique experiences within the Missouri craft beer scene.

The MOBeer Club has achieved several notable outcomes:

  • Increased cash flow for MCBG and its member breweries, which has played a crucial role in sustaining their operations during challenging economic times.

  • Expanded engagement with the craft beer community through the launch of an attractive membership program that offers valuable perks to its members.

  • Strengthened branding for the MCBG by aligning "The MOBeer Club" with the guild's core values and mission.

  • Improved online presence and visibility through well-designed digital assets, promoting the program effectively to a wide audience.

The successful launch of "The MOBeer Club" demonstrates how creative branding and asset development can revitalize and support an industry facing economic uncertainty.

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