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LiveTapLists is a digital, print, and web beer menu service that competes directly with larger companies like Untappd and Arryved.

Upon experiencing an upsurge in market penetration, Owner Grant Pierce came to Full Pour Media seeking to rebrand in order to have a more professional look and better reflect the vibe and service offerings of his company.

Digital menu board

Creative Strategy

Our goal was to create a cohesive brand image that successfully reflected owner Grant Pierce’s vision. Our goal was to enhance the professionalism of LiveTapList’s logo while retaining the laidback ambiance of the service.

Mockup of website
Beer tap pouring into glass


Brand Strategy


Design Process

Pierce’s initial idea was to mimic the aesthetic of a hand-drawn taplist typically found at breweries. The concept entailed a rounded and sketched style.

Beer menu board
Hand drawn logo renderings

Initial Concept

Our initial design incorporated primary elements of the original logo such as the pint glass and the amber color that represents the beer. 

We selected the dark gray color for the background to compliment the shade of the beer.

Logo transformation diagram


That same tap handle element was then built out into a secondary logo. The visual similarity between the primary and secondary logo created a cohesive look... and a logo family was born!

Logo design variations


We reworked the initial concept to keep the design more contained. The pint glass in the initial logo concept didn’t quite match the rest of the design so we redesigned that portion in our next set of revisions.

Our initial concept included a drawing of the secondary logo that resembled a tap handle. Getting the pint glass out of the way in the primary logo left a hole on the left side that we needed to fill. It just so happened that the tap handle fit very well on that side.

It closed up the left side of the logo, and it added another branded element to the design.

Logo design variations


We created a badge and icon logo as an additional brand assets based off of the first two logos to create a cohesive look. We compiled a brand style guidebook for LiveTapLists that contains details about the color palette, typography, and specific instructions for utilizing each variation of the logo.

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