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In the Summer of 2022, Karben4 Brewing approached Full Pour Media to enhance the quality of their social media presence and connect with a wider audience. 

Karben4 recognized the potential of social media as a powerful tool to engage with their audience. However, they needed assistance in refining their content strategy and content planning to amplify their impact. 

Their primary objective was to elevate the quality and depth of their social media content to resonate with their followers and build a strong, loyal community.

Karben4 brewing front entrance


Full Pour Media kicked off the engagement by providing Karben4 with a detailed content calendar to streamline their social media posting and allow for strategic planning well in advance. 

Our primary focus was to create captivating and industry-specific content that appealed to beer enthusiasts and showcased the brand’s unique brewing processes, special ingredients, and the engaging stories behind their releases. 

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  • Marketing Strategy and Consultation 

  • Social Media Management 

  • Content Creation and Curation 

  • Community Management 


Leveraging our decades of experience in brand storytelling, we sought to bring out the personal elements of Karben4’s brand. 

For instance, “The Brewers Series” is a small-batch release brewed by a Karben4 staff member who wants to try their hand at making a beer style they enjoy. Each month when the Brewers Series came out we highlighted the person who brewed the beer as well as why they chose that particular style. 

This allowed social followers to connect more personally with the brand and the K4 team. 


Additionally, we introduced the “We are K4” franchise, spotlighting one Karben4 employee each month and sharing unique aspects of their personalities. 

This helped to create a stronger emotional bond with the audience as they got to know familiar faces around the taproom when they came to visit.


Every brewery has its fans, and its superfans. 


In order to tap into that super-engaged community, we crafted content that dove into Karben4’s brewing techniques, highlighted special ingredients, and explored the stories behind their releases. 


By sharing behind-the-scenes insights, we created a sense of exclusivity and excitement among their followers.

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Screenshot of social media post
screenshot of social media post
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Everyone loves a video! Recognizing the potential of video content in boosting organic reach, we focused on creating Reels that captured the essence of Karben4’s brand. These Reels enabled us to reach a wider audience and increase overall engagement.


After the conclusion of the first three-month contract period, Full Pour Media presented Karben4 with a detailed analytics report. We successfully increased the brewery’s organic reach by an impressive 41%. 


Through our strategic content planning, storytelling, and emphasis on video content, Karben4 experienced a significant expansion of its social media influence and a stronger connection with its audience.

Screenshot of social media post
Screenshot of social media post
Screenshot of social media post
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Full Pour Media’s collaboration with Karben4 elevated the brewery’s social media game to new heights. By delivering captivating content and embracing various engagement strategies, we empowered Karben4 to connect with their audience on a deeper level, fostering brand loyalty and driving organic growth. 


Our partnership with Karben4 exemplifies the power of tailored social media marketing in carving a unique identity and expanding reach in the competitive craft brewery industry

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