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Alfa Laval, a provider of high-quality brewing equipment, faced the challenge of standing out in a saturated craft beverage market.

Their sales staff regularly encountered resistance when approaching potential clients due to the higher price tag associated with their equipment.

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Alfa Laval sought to emphasize the value their equipment brings to breweries and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Strategy + PURPOSE

In 2022, Alfa Laval approached the Full Pour Media team with the goal of producing a series of video testimonials to promote their brewhouse products, including a centrifuge, a pasteurizer, and an in-line carbonator.

While they already had one video, they wanted to expand their content library to showcase more of their product offerings. These videos were intended to serve as informative resources for their sales staff and increase brand awareness for Alfa Laval.

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Beer pouring from tap into glass.


+ Logistics

+ Storyboarding

+ Talent Sourcing

+ Produced & Directed

+ Videography

+ Photography

+ Color Grading

+ Motion Graphics

+ Music Mix

+ Final Assembly

Promotional campaign

The Full Pour Media team traveled to two locations in Ohio: Market Garden Brewery in Cleveland and Jackie O’s in Athens.


We conducted interviews with brewery ownership and staff, focusing on their experiences using Alfa Laval products in their brewing processes. We also worked alongside Alfa Lava to develop a comprehensive set of interview questions related to their products, allowing for a thorough exploration of their features and benefits.


We used our decade of storytelling experience to weave in the unique personalities of the interview subjects among the technical jargon to keep viewers engaged.


The video testimonials produced by Full Pour Media have become integral to Alfa Laval’s sales process throughout the United States. These videos are now regularly used by Alfa Laval’s sales staff and are prominently featured on the company’s website.

The shorter video content created as part of the project played a vital role in Alfa Laval’s Q3 and Q4 promotional campaigns in 2022, contributing to increased brand visibility.

The campaign received recognition and won the Craft Beer Marketing Awards’ prestigious Global “Crushie” award for Best Educational Video.

Overall, by leveraging the power of video testimonials and storytelling, Alfa Laval successfully addressed the challenge of differentiation in a competitive market. They effectively conveyed the value of their equipment to potential customers, and increased buy-in from potential customers by showcasing fellow brewers.

The campaign’s success in boosting brand awareness and earning industry recognition emphasizes the importance of compelling content in connecting with customers and influencing purchasing decisions in the craft beverage industry.

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