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4by4 Brewing Company in Springfield, MO  was about to undergo a major expansion. They were investing in building a brand new, state-of-the-art brewery and taproom from the ground up and were rebranding their old location into a smaller experimental brewing space called The Unhinged Project.

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4by4 recognized the need for a website overhaul to effectively communicate the differentiation between the two locations and to better showcase the essence of their brand. At the time, their website was minimalistic and lacked the functionality and visual appeal necessary to portray the atmosphere of their establishments.

That’s when 4by4 approached Full Pour Media to revamp their online presence.

challenges + objectives

We collaborated closely with Danielle and Derek Shimeall, two of the co-owners of 4by4 Brewing, to realize their vision for the website. The primary challenge was to develop a comprehensive framework of pages that would showcase each of the separate brands in their unique ways as well as communicate the family-oriented nature of the brand and create a stronger connection with the audience.

Additionally, the redesign strategy hinged on three critical aspects: incorporating colorful and inviting visuals, utilizing engaging photography that captured people enjoying 4by4 beers, and putting a human face to the brand.

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4by4 Taproom


Web Strategy

Web Design

Approach + Execution

We knew that the heart of the content would be storytelling, focusing on the brewery’s unique founding narrative. We crafted a series of pages that told the story of how the four couples found each other and decided to start 4by4 together. 

Each couple was given their own dedicated Bio pages, where their individual stories and contributions to 4by4 Brewing were showcased. This approach successfully highlighted the collaborative and familial spirit that underpins the brand’s identity.

Screenshot of website
People reviewing website

The unhinged Project + 4by4

We recognized the need for distinct branding aesthetics to separate 4by4 Brewing from The Unhinged Project. While 4by4 Brewing had a vibrant and lively atmosphere, The Unhinged Project exuded a more moody and reserved ambiance. 

To convey this distinction effectively, the homepage of each location was visually designed to reflect the unique look and feel of their respective spaces. In addition, Full Pour Media created captivating banner videos that solely showcased the specific location’s ambiance, further immersing visitors in the essence of each venue.

Results + impact

4by4 Brewing opened their new location in early 2023 and launched a brand new website right along with it. The website now clearly differentiated between 4by4 Brewing and The Unhinged Project, effectively communicating each location’s offerings to the public. 

The emphasis on storytelling and the individual couples’ stories resonated with visitors, boosting the sense of community and connection to the brand. The visually appealing website, filled with vibrant images of people enjoying 4by4 beer, successfully conveyed the atmosphere of both locations.


The website redesign not only achieved the immediate goal of showcasing the brewery’s expansion and The Unhinged Project’s transformation but also strengthened 4by4 Brewing Company’s online presence. The integration of storytelling and captivating visuals created a stronger connection with customers and visitors, translating into increased brand loyalty and traffic at both locations.

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Rendering of website
Taproom employees
Taproom customers
Rendering of website

Key Takeaways

Full Pour Media’s strategic approach to the website redesign for 4by4 Brewing Company exemplified the power of storytelling and engaging visual content in portraying the essence of a brand. Collaborating closely with the co-owners allowed the agency to effectively capture the family-oriented nature of 4by4 and bring out the unique story behind its founding. 

By differentiating the branding aesthetics for each location, Full Pour Media successfully communicated the distinct personalities of 4by4 Brewing and The Unhinged Project. The result was a compelling, visually appealing website that resonated with visitors, fostering a stronger emotional connection with the brand and boosting overall customer engagement and loyalty.

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